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Our hand-crafted wines are the culmination of a journey from grape to bottle. Each wine in our collection is an expression of the earth from which the vine was grown; the careful guidance of the grower, and the gentle hand of the winemaker.
Please note: Onsite consumption of wine is currently prohibited. We can sell wine for offsite consumption only.


Winery & Tasting Room in Lacey

2641 Willamette Dr. NE, Suite. E, Lacey, WA
Wed - Sat 12 - 6, Sun 12 - 5

Tasting Room in Hoodsport

24180 Hwy 101, Suite B, Hoodsport, WA

Friday - Sunday 11 - 5

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New Releases
The 2015 Cab Sauv, Big Eddie, Syrah, and Malbec are out! The blockbuster wines cannot be missed.
To read more about what we are doing in response and limitation on tastings, click here.

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